A Round-Table with WSF Founding Activist François Houtart

For activists in the US, the UN conference on the Economic Crisis--the G192-- represents an "eruption" into the usual politics of the General Assembly. What does it mean to the Left in the US? How are we to relate to it?

This panel looks at the origins of this unique conference — both in it's challenge to the G20's handling of the economic crisis and in the context of the history of recent Latin American liberation struggles, from Nicaragua to Venezuela to Bolivia. In his time as a Sandinista Foreign Minister in the 1980s d'Escoto successfully brought the United States before the International Court of Justice for its paramilitary activities in Latin America. He also openly criticized both Israeli policy in the occupied Palestinian territories and US policy under the 2nd Bush administration for "acts of aggression" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This round-table is a chance for activists and scholars organizing around the global economic crisis to engage with one of General Assembly President d'Escoto's personal representatives to the experts UN council and to look beneath the surface of conference politics.

François Houtart, is a Marxist priest and founder of Centre Tricontinental, He is a member of the World Social Forum International Council, and d'Escoto-appointed member of the UN/Stiglitz Experts Commission on the Global Economic Crisis,

Donna Katzin is one of the founders of Dos Pueblos, which does economic development work in Nicaragua, and chaired its board for more than 15 years.

Michele Kervyn, is a writer on the history and political economy of Latin America,

Chris Rude, Gloves Off, is engaged in theoretical work toward the democratic socialist nationalization for financial systems

David Wilson is co-author of The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers

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