50 Artists,50 Shots: We are All Sean Bell

Artists Respond to the Sean Bell Verdict
Date & Time: 
05/03/2008 - 7:00pm
Co-sponsor: Mahina Movement


We as Artists have agreed to each take one bullet for Sean Bell and transform this bullet into our art, our music, our poetry, that represents "Our community fire, our community ammunition, our community bullets back! We will not be silenced! We are all Sean Bell!"

The intention of this event is to have a safe space for communities to be self expressed around the outcome of the Sean Bell case: to educate, to learn, to mourn, to grow, to be real. But most of all, to inspire others and ourselves to take action that will create real change in how New York City police officers are trained to respond and to continue leadership amongst us for the future. This is just the beginning of many. We will share the space with educators, organizers and advocates. This event will give concrete, real, and practical ways to take action for all: for Artists, Teachers, Students, Parents, Children and for anyone who wants to make a difference and will not be kept silent.

We are taking all artists' CDs, tapes, prints, photographs, t-shirts and the live painting done that night as donations. All of these will be sold the night of and all the sales will go directly to Sean Bell's family. Not only do we want to make a statement that Art inspires and invokes change, but it sustains us, feeds us and builds us in need.

Due to the overwhelming response in artists performing that night, we have a waiting list for all performers. We also asked the artists who are not able to go on the mic, to put their song, poem on paper, or record it on CD or tape and we will put all these artistic gifts along with the money we raised together and put in a basket and given to Sean Bell's family.

The event is free, however, we will be taking suggested donations of any and all amounts. All donations will be given to Sean Bell's family. Please join us for an evening of community activism, education, leadership, and transformation-- ART, MUSIC, and POETRY!!!

Thank you for working within community; thank you for being in action about making a difference; thank you for being who you are. You inspire us on a daily. ~We LOVE you with passion~

In community, peace and justice,

Gabby, Erica, and Moana


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